Aplikasi Smartphone Menggunakan Fintech Dalam Transportasi Jakarta Untuk Belanja Dalam Online Shop

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Ersa Andhini Mardika
Adrian Randy Pratama
Muhammad Naufal Mu’azzi
Erick Erick
Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars


We propose that smartphone applications with technology combine the market of lecture transportation when public passenger transportation must benefit from coupons on the market. The existence of several strategies based on the online application provided makes users still a little interested in that. The survey methodology is also used to collect data from customers by stratified random sampling between two different groups (users and non-users). This discovery highlights the importance of ease of use and usability in developing attitudes.


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Mardika, E., Pratama, A., Mu’azzi, M., Erick, E., & Warnars, H. (2019). Aplikasi Smartphone Menggunakan Fintech Dalam Transportasi Jakarta Untuk Belanja Dalam Online Shop. KILAT, 8(2), 199-207. https://doi.org/10.33322/kilat.v8i2.475


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