Aplikasi Smartphone Untuk Anti Bully

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Agung A. Pramudji
Benaya Oktavianus Oktavianus
Randy Dwi
Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars


Bullying is aggressive activities not only among school aged children but it can be happened in higher education, office or even in family on daily basis. Bullying involves physical and non physical action which is repeated acted and can be represented in verbal, social and physical thing. Bullying has negative for both perpetrators and victims, the perpetrators will have bad habit which can influence the way their living in the future and particularly for victim it will make them become alone and not open to surrounding relationships.In this paper, we proposed an application which can help to reduce the negative effect of bullying by reporting any bullying happened and do the next action based on meeting result. Moreover, this application will give open private consultation for both perpetrators and victims in order to reduce bullying activities and recognized as bullying. Creating forum for both community who are interested to reduce bullying negatve effect and provide information regarding with negative effect of bullying will help people to educate themselves regarding with bullying. Anti Bully application, IT for Anti Bully, physiatrist Computer Science


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Pramudji, A., Oktavianus, B. O., Dwi, R., & Warnars, H. L. H. S. (2019). Aplikasi Smartphone Untuk Anti Bully. PETIR: Jurnal Pengkajian Dan Penerapan Teknik Informatika, 12(2), 271 - 280. https://doi.org/10.33322/petir.v12i2.601
Author Biography

Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars, Bina Nusantara

Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars is Head of Concentration of Information Systems at Doctor of Computer Science (DCS) Bina Nusantara university (http://dcs.binus.ac.id). He has Bachelor degree in Computer Science in Information Systems field from STMIK Budi Luhur (http://fti.budiluhur.ac.id/id/), Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia with title S.Kom (Sarjana Komputer) between 1991-1995 with bachelor thesis topic about information systems. Between 2004-2006 he continued his Master degree in Computer Science with major field Information Technology in University Indonesia, Indonesia with degree title M.T.I. (Magister Teknologi Informasi) (http://mti.cs.ui.ac.id/indonesia/?mod=content&type=home) with master thesis topic about Datawarehouse. His PhD Computer Science was done in The Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom (http://www2.mmu.ac.uk/science-engineering/), with Phd Thesis topic about Data Mining between 2008-2012.

He has been teaching computer science subjects since 1995. He has Indonesian national lecturer degree Lektor Kepala (550) since 2007 which recognized as Associate Professor. He had awarded some research grants such as : Program of research incentive of national innovation system (SINAS) from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia and Incentives article in the International Journal from directorate of research and community service, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia.

He is member of some professional membership such as IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) since 2011, member number : 92305834, (www.IEEE.org), SDIWC ( The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communication) member ID:3518 since March 2014, (www.SDIWC.net), IAENG (International Association of Engineers) member number: 140849 since April 2014, (www.IAENG.org), IACSIT (International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology) senior member since jan 2014, (www.IACSIT.org), INSTICC (the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication) member number 5279 since June 2014, (http://www.insticc.org/myINSTICC/). He is active as reviewer/program committee for some International journal or conferences and active as general chair, program chair, general committee for some international conferences, active as advisory and editorial board for 6 journals. His research publications can be reached at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Harco_Leslie_Hendric_Spits_Warnars2

or https://scholar.google.co.id/citations?user=pplO3mEAAAAJ&hl=id

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