Pengenalan PLTU Mini Bersama Himpunan Mahasiswa Mesin untuk Siswa SMK/SMA

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Utami Wahyuningsih
Eko Sulistyo
Halim Rusjdi
Win Alfalah
Sudirmanto Sudirmanto
Eri Prabowo


Community service done is to provide an introduction to the mini steam power plant (PLTU) aimed at students of SMK 53 and SMA 33 in Jakarta in order to recognize thermal power plants, namely PLTU. The importance of knowledge about PLTU toSMK/SMA students, also measures how far the level of satisfication of participants, in this case is the SMK/SMA students on the effort to provide knowledge of mini PLTU. It can be concluded that the lack of understanding of PLTU is answered, because with introduction of the mini PLTU students get new insights so that they will become the provision of their interest in the field of thermal energy. From this results, it is expected to improve the quality of training if it is implemented again leter


Keywords: PLTU, training, introduction


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