Edukasi Alat Penjernih Air Sederhana Sebagai Upaya Pemenuhan Kebutuhan Air Bersih

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Budi Wicaksono
Tommy Iduwin
Devita Mayasari
Pratiwi Setyaning Putri
Tri Yuhanah


Water is source of life on earth. The largest water body is in the ocean at 97 percent and 3 percent remaining is fresh water which is used to support daily needs, so clean water is a basic human need. The limited amount of water and increasing people number caused a clean water crisis. Apart from the amount, the quality of fresh water is getting worse. The struggle to use clean water for various uses and clean water wasteful behavior had resulted in the loss of adequate access of clean water for some people. One of the ways to improve clean water quality and quantity is conducting a water purification process. Water purification can be done using simple tools with filtration techniques. Through the Community Partnership Program’s theme "Education of Simple Water Purification as an Effort to Fulfill Clean Water Needs" able to provide knowledge and understanding to teachers and students of MTs Nurul Qur'an Jakarta as activity partners.


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