Penanggulangan Banjir/Genangan Dan Konservasi Air Tanah Dengan Pembuatan Sumur Resapan Di SMP Negeri 8 Menteng Jakarta Pusat

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Desi Putri


Jakarta is one of area that often experiences in flooding. Jakarta is increasingly vulnerable being affected due to the limited catchment area. Massive development with water tight surface conditions and limited water absorption caused by about 85% of rainfall falls in the Jakarta area. As a result of lack absorption in Jakarta, the amount of rain falling and flowing into the sea and rivers will increase. When the capacity of the river does not cover the river water automatically overflows it will cause flooding.

Mitra PKM is a junior high school building located in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta. In recent years the Mitra Area has overcome flooding disasters, the teaching and learning process in the Mitra region has being obstructed. The clean water crisis also occurs in the Mitra area, this is due to the location of the Mitra which is quite connected to office buildings that have a large enough need of clean water.

The average rainfall in Indonesia is 2779 mm per year, in Jakarta around 2500 mm per year, with a total of 180 rainy days/year. According to average rainfall, is the potentially of water resources and it can be utilized optimally. Sources for water specifically rainwater resources by making infiltration wells. Infiltration wells work to collect surface water and then absorb the soil to become ground water reserves. Converting sufficient (surplus) ground water, will compensate for drought in the dry season in the form of water flow.


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